Frontal Sinus Stenting

May 8th, 2018 by admin in Nose Clinic Comments Off on Frontal Sinus Stenting

Infections of the frontal sinus are often debilitating and difficult to treat. Using the current techniques of endoscopic sinus surgery, the nasofrontal recess and the frontal duct opening are very difficult to access. Combining an external approach, through a keyhole incision (called external frontal sinusotomy) with an endonasal endoscopic technique allows the frontal sinus to […]

Lingual tissues enlargement

May 3rd, 2018 by admin in Sleep Clinic Comments Off on Lingual tissues enlargement

Enlargement of the lingual tonsils or the lymphoid tissue on the base of the tongue is a cause of obstructive sleep apnoea in a significant number of cases. There has been some controversy of how to best assess this, either by way of an awake endoscopy or by CT scanning. Recent comparison between the two […]

Second Opinion in Otolaryngology

April 10th, 2018 by admin in Havas ENT Clinics Comments Off on Second Opinion in Otolaryngology

Many ENT operations are “can have” rather than “must have” types of situations. In elective surgery, it is often prudent to get a second opinion from a senior otolaryngologist before undertaking an operation, especially in the case of children. Before undertaking an operation, it is important to ascertain whether there are non-surgical options that have […]

The role of tonsillectomy in adults with obstructive sleep apnoea

April 5th, 2018 by admin in Sleep Clinic Comments Off on The role of tonsillectomy in adults with obstructive sleep apnoea

Adenotonsillectomy has long been known to be an effective treatment in most children with obstructive sleep apnoea. Unlike children, the majority of adults do not have tonsillar hypertrophy as the main cause of their airway obstruction. Uvulopharyngopalatoplasty was one of the first surgical treatments introduced into the treatment of sleep apnoea. Since then, there has […]

Blocked nose after Rhinoplasty

March 28th, 2018 by admin in Nose Clinic Comments Off on Blocked nose after Rhinoplasty

If you have undergone a rhinoplasty, and are unfortunate enough not to be able to breathe through your nose after the operation, it’s usually due to one of three things. The most common thing is failure to properly correct the nasal septum or the partition that sits in the middle of your nose. The second […]

Intra Nasal Steroid Spray

March 21st, 2018 by admin in Nose Clinic Comments Off on Intra Nasal Steroid Spray

The use of intra nasal steroid spray is the main stay of treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis. A recent analysis of all the evidence available showed that using low dose water based surfactant intra nasal steroids is only slightly better than nothing at all or using normal saline sprays. With regards the different intra nasal steroids […]

Nose bleeds and blood pressure

March 14th, 2018 by admin in Nose Clinic Comments Off on Nose bleeds and blood pressure

The association between high blood pressure and nose bleeds remains controversial. There is clear evidence that in the elderly, uncontrolled high blood pressure is associated with severe nosebleeds. Unlike the bleeds that occur in younger adults or in children, which are venous bleeds occurring from the front of the nose; these bleeds are major and […]

Acid reflux and hoarseness

March 8th, 2018 by admin in Throat Clinic Comments Off on Acid reflux and hoarseness

Although there is undoubtedly association between acid reflux and hoarseness, it is probably the most (over diagnosed cause of this condition). Some degree of reflux is universal. For the reflux to affect your voice box, the splash has to come all the way up to your swallowing tube to fall onto your larynx. This does […]

Loss of smell in the elderly

March 6th, 2018 by admin in Mouth, Nose Clinic Comments Off on Loss of smell in the elderly

Loss of smell is associated nearly always with some alteration in taste. The most common cause follows a viral infection were there is either swelling in the lining of the nose with resultant reduction in penetration into the olfactory cleft (the area where nerve endings of smell are), or the virus can actually damage the […]


February 22nd, 2018 by admin in Throat Clinic Comments Off on Peptest

The diagnosis of reflux remains difficult, particularly in cases where the only symptoms are chronic sore throat, change in voice, intermittent difficulty swallowing, and metallic taste in the mouth. A new test has recently been added to the repertoire that we have. This is called Peptest. Pepsin is an enzyme that’s only made in stomach. […]