Head and Neck Cancer Screening

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World Head and Neck Cancer Day RibbonWorld Head and Neck Cancer Day this year is on Saturday 27th July

As a joint initiative between the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation and the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at Prince of Wales Hospital, a new Head and Neck Cancer Screening Service will be introduced.

Who can use the Head and Neck Cancer Screening Service?

This clinic will provide rapid, direct access for patients who:

  • are worried about the possibility of having head and neck cancer;
  • have a family history of head and neck cancer;
  • are in high risk groups such as smokers, drinkers and young people; who have been in contact with human papilloma virus;
  • have poor oral hygiene; or
  • have any worrying symptoms such as the appearance of a lump in the neck, change in voice, difficulty swallowing, or any unusual/painful or non-painful lesions in the mouth or tongue.

How can I access the clinic?

Access to the clinic will be facilitated within 24 hours by ringing one of the two following numbers:

  • (02) 9382 2222 (switchboard at Prince of Wales Hospital and asking for Dr Anders Sederis, who is the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery research fellow)
  • The unit’s clinical nurse consultant, Paula, can be contacted on (02) 9382 4264

 What happens at the clinic?

All patients will be assessed, a comprehensive history and physical examination will be undertaken by one of our registrars. If there is nothing worrying patients will be reassured but will be added to a ‘high risk register’ and will be followed annually to ensure that, going forward, no significant problems occur.

Alternatively, if there are any suspicious lesions, appropriate tests and X-rays will be done immediately and they will be seen by one of the four senior consultants within the unit within 48 hours.


This represents an exciting new initiative and is the first Head and Neck Cancer Screening Clinic of its kind in Australia.


Funding for this project is being provided jointly by the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation through its generous support of the Prince of Wales research fellow and by the hospital itself.


Evidence that early diagnosis leads to better outcomes is universal and this new exciting initiative is aimed at optimising the possibility of early diagnosis and treatment of Head and Neck malignancies.