Head & Neck Cancer

Primary Head and Neck cancer is the 6th most common cancer worldwide.

In the video, chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at Prince of Wales and Sydney Hospitals, Professor Thomas Havas, talks about his experience in the diagnosis and surgical management of Head & Neck Cancer and his extensive experience in all aspects of Head & Neck Cancers in particular cancer of the oral cavity, tongue and larynx.

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Early Diagnosis is The Best Prevention in the Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer

Head and Neck cancers comprise about 5% of all cancers. Squamous cell cancer is the most common upper aerodigestive tract malignancy and is strongly associated with smoking and drinking. 50% of Head and Neck cancers occur in the oral cavity and are accessible to examination without the need for sophisticated instrumentation.

Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

Professor Havas is director and chairperson of the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, a charitable organisation dedicated to research in improving patient quality of life and translational medicine in head and neck oncology.