Hoarseness – Shall I be concerned?

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hoarseness..Shall I be concerned?

Hoarseness is a symptom. It is not a disease. It is a general term that describes any abnormalities in how the voice sounds. When hoarse, the voice may sound breathy, raspy, strained, soft, or there may be a pitch, such as a high pitch or low pitch. Changes in sounds that are heard are usually due to disorders related to the vocal folds, which are the sound producing parts of the voice box or the larynx.

There are many causes of hoarseness. Fortunately, most of these are not serious, and tend to go away after a short period of time. If hoarseness persists for longer than ten days, a visit to your local doctor is recommended. If he is uncertain of the diagnosis, it is important that you see an ear, nose and throat surgeon who can look at your voice box with a telescope, ascertain what the problem is, and help you fix it.