Nasal Septal Deviation in Childhood

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Nasal Septal Deviation in ChildhoodThe nasal septum is the partition that divides the nose into two halves. The front of it is cartilage and the back of it is bone.

It provides the site of an important growth plate for normal mid-facial growth and development.

The exact site of the growth plate has not been identified.

If we look at babies after they have been born, studies have shown that up to 5% have sustained significant nasal trauma during birth and have a deviation of their nasal septum.

Studies of children leaving primary school, where parents have said that they have not sustained any significant nasal trauma, shows that nasal septal deviation occurs between 30-40% of children!

It is usually due to trivial trauma, like falling over or having a ball hit you in the nose.

Although the deviation of the septum may contribute significantly to blocked nose on one side, it is very important to be conservative about treating a deviation until the face has stopped growing.

Operations to correct the septum fall into two subsets;

  • Septoplasties: These are more minor procedures.
  • Nasal septal reconstruction: These are more complex procedures and tend to involve the cartilaginous and bony structures of the nose.

Nasal septal reconstruction should definitely not be done until the face has stopped growing, at around the age of 17.

Occasionally, there is an indication to perform a septoplasty in a child, but before having this form of surgery performed, we would suggest that you see an expert paediatric rhinologist, and have two opinions before proceeding to surgery.

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