Our Audiologist

Our Audiologist: Juliet Smith


Juliet has more than 20 years in the diagnostic field of audiology. She gained post graduate qualifications from Macquarie University and holds full membership with the Audiogical Society of Australia with clinical certificates.

Juliet specialises in the testing of infants and very young children using automated oto-acoustic emissions testing and impedance measures to facilitate a safe and accurate picture of middle ear pathologies for your children.

Thorough vestibular testing is also on offer to help investigate the many possible causes of balance disorders. This test is both simple and effective in nature. Bringing excellence to the hearing test process for all ages, she ensures accurate diagnosis for our patients so that subsequent treatment options and timely advice regarding hearing loss and other ear related disorders is provided.

Hearing problems are often one of the most daunting medical problems that patients face, given our reliance on the sense of hearing for the functions of day-to-day life.

Juliet can help diagnose and treat hearing problems in both children and adults.

Whether blocked ears are the problem or hearing loss treatment is required, you can be assured that you will receive prompt and professional treatment at our clinics.

All of our tests and recommendations are provided independently, with no particular preference given to specific hearing aid products. This ensures we are simply recommending the very best solution for you.