Submental liposuction

Particularly in males, in aging males or males that are significantly overweight, a lot of additional fat accumulates under the chin. This is called dulap. In some instances a surgical procedure, most commonly performed in association with other surgical procedures, to reduce the amount of fat under the jaw, can be helpful in reducing the amount of front to back compression of the airway.

Submental liposuction can be performed via multiple small incisions but usually a two-inch incision is made so that the procedure can be used together with other procedures to open the airways, such as thyrohyoid apposition. This operation involves attaching the hyoid bone to the thyroid cartilage. The base of the tongue is tethered to the hyoid bone and by bringing that forward the base of the tongue is bought forward. The hyoid can be anchored either by non-absorbable sutras or by a small metallic plate. The submental liposuction performed in association with this improves access to these bony and cartilaginous structures and improves the success rate of the operation.