Where should I have my laryngeal surgery performed?

August 21st, 2018 by admin in Nose Clinic, Throat Clinic Comments Off on Where should I have my laryngeal surgery performed?

There is an increasing trend to perform minor laryngeal procedures as in office procedures under local anaesthesia without an anaesthetist being present.

This has come about because Health Insurance companies in the United States of America will no longer provide rebates for microlaryngeal surgery done in the operating room, under general anaesthesia in a hospital. The reason for this is unequivocally cost saving, although studies have shown that minor diagnostic and therapeutic procedures done in the rooms are almost as good as those performed in the operating room.

There are several important reasons why your strong preference should be for all laryngeal microsurgical procedures to be performed in an operating theatre under general anaesthesia.

All procedures done in rooms are to a greater or lesser extent, snatch and grab technique is inadequate, magnification of the vocal cords are mobile, structures of the larynx cannot be identified, if fibre lasers were applied it is impossible to be as accurate in an awake mobile larynx as it is in an anaesthetised immobile larynx.

Complete excision of laryngeal lesions is difficult with a flexible instrument in an awake patient. If complete excision biopsy is not undertaken there is huge risks; the first is inaccurate histopathological evaluation, which is often associated with the residual lesion being left behind, and the second is an increased risk of scarring

We are very fortunate in Australia insomuch as we not only have excellent anaesthesia but we have micro laryngeal surgeons trained to a high standard.

There is no reason why you should compromise and have a lesser procedure performed under local anaesthesia.

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